Attention to Details

As I continue to shoot fashion, fine art, models, and beauty shots I have learned the importance of taking your time in photo shop to achieve the outcome you are seeking. Not every aspect can be achieved at the point of capture. 

Colors can vary and lights might not be constant thus changing your creative thought you might originally start out with. But never get discouraged. I found that shooting as close to my vision and then completing the look in Lightroom or Photoshop can make all the difference in my imagery. 

In this image below I wanted to take a macro beauty shot. I worked with a make-up artist named Debra Jorden from Debra Jorden Beauty. She was able to take a few inspirational images that I sent her and combined them in to one singular representation. The model's mom was constantly combing the models hair to get it to lay flat. We sprayed hair spray and that did work either. I stopped and told everyone I will shoot the images I need. 

I was confident that I could get what I set out to achieve once I imported the Raw files off my computer and used the program to manipulate them to my liking. 

This was the original image taken. 

I focused much of my energy while in photoshop on the hair. Messy hair can just make the image look amateur and not taken with purpose. But the next image you will see all the changes and how the final product will give you the feeling that this image was taken with purpose.  

The is the final product. You can see the changes in skin, hair, eyes, and overall color. 

The is the final product. You can see the changes in skin, hair, eyes, and overall color. 

I will be the first to tell you I am no expert at photoshop, but making subtle changes can make you work stand out. Although, these are the same images, in the second image the few hairs purposely left out of place make the image look more realistic and not overworked. This is what I call happy mistakes. 

You can find many of the techniques that I used at: 




With anything in life, continue to improve your skills and techniques to make your images stand out.