New Adventure (Premium PIX Studios)

So, 2019 is going to be an exciting year for me and the photographers of Central Texas. I’m building multi-media studio for all photographers and videographers in the ares to use and call their home. The plan is to help all those who are currently shooting out of their home or garage to have a place that they can book sessions and use the facility as their business front.

Each photographer can book hourly session or rent on a monthly basis and will be able to schedule the studio and equipment for usage.

I’m excited that I will have a place that I will be able to continue my work but also provide opportunities to my fellow photographers for a minimal fee.

During the summer months we also plan on conducting seminars and teaching photography and videography techniques. I have coordinated with local photography instructors to create the modules and conduct the training.

Premium PIX Studios by DeWCrablePhoto will be a place artist can work, collaborate, and learn from each other.