People who Inspire me

This is one of the easier post for my to write. I have been inspired by many people but two specifically stand out. Meg Mulloy and Tim Bear ( Their creativity and inspiration helped make me the photographer I am. 

Meg has instructed my in many of my classes at school. Her honest opinion and corrective criticism have led ma along during my schooling. She has continued to teach and mentor me while being a positive influence in my professional development. 

Tim has inspired me with creating his own modeling agency and providing models of all ages opportunities they normally might not be provided. Interning for Tim has been an awesome experience. Having access to some his top models and being invited to some of the major events that he is holding has been such a eye opening venture. 

Many others along the way have influenced me like:

  • Petra Reeves
  • Julie Andrada
  • Katie Luck
  • David Weaver
  • Polly Chandler
  • Christina Burke
  • Jennifer Litterer-Trevino
  • Jessica Kendrick
  • Michael Crabtree
  • Max Wellman
  • Luanne Stovall

These instructors have allowed me to be creative and they haven't made me feel as I couldn't try something. I am so grateful for all those that have inspired me and wished there was a way I could just let them know how much I have appreciated them. Saying thank you to me does give them the recognition they deserve. I will always be blessed with their generosity.

Vergie W. March 2018

Vergie W. March 2018


As I continue to perfect my skills I know that I will look at works of art that have been done and take pieces from each of them to establish my own direction. I want my viewers to enjoy my art and immediately identify with my bodies of work. 

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