Before and After

When photographing sometimes you will be met with challenges. Some of these challenges can be corrected in photoshop while others can't. Here is is an example of a correction that was needed in order to capture this dancer jumping in the air in the studio. Due to limited space requirements you will see that in order to capture the performer I had to use a wide lens. But using this lens allows for items other than what you intended to appear when using a full frame camera. You can crop this image down but cropping can also take away from the intent of the image and the overall feeling of the image. 

In photoshop you will see that I used a tool called content aware fill to replace the sides of the image to match the rest of the background. In addition to a few other minor retouches to the performer. Making these subtle changes has the made the image more dramatic. There is no content lost and only information added. Learning these techniques can open the door to a lot of creative ideas when you fill you have limited space to shoot. 

Techniques like:

  • Retouching
  • Frequency separation
  • Smoothing (clarity)
  • Contouring
  • Adjusting colors 
  • Compositing
  • and many more

Many of these techniques are taught all over the web but I found that PHlearn on is an excellent place to start improving your photoshop skills.

Here are the two images I am referring to:

Before Photoshop Sabrina B. Feb 2018

Before Photoshop Sabrina B. Feb 2018

After Photoshop Sabrina B. Feb 2018

After Photoshop Sabrina B. Feb 2018

As I continue to perfect my skills I know that I will look at works of art that have been done and take pieces from each of them to establish my own direction. I want my viewers to enjoy my art and immediately identify with my bodies of work. 

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