Why Dewayne created DeWCrablePhoto.

I have always enjoyed taking pictures and seeing what images I could create with a camera. When I was in high school I thought about attending the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, but life happened and things change and I joined the Army instead. Throughout my years of service I found myself always taking the pictures and never being in the photos. I love the composition of things and making intriguing images to ensure I captured the moment properly. My passion for photography has continued after my military service.

In 2015 I decided with encouragement from my psychologist to attend The Art Institute of Austin. This was like a dream come true. After 20 plus years of service I was finally going to be taught all the techniques to improve on my passion. I initially thought I would pursue another passion of mine, which were sports. I thought that I would incorporate the two and become a sports photographer. Somewhere after my first full years of school I started to notice that my passion for photography had shifted from sports to fashion, modeling, and portraits. Instead of fighting these changes I welcomed them and have continued to create works of art in this area of photography. 

Some of the topics that I have learned at school are:

  • Lighting
  • Aperture
  • Post Processing
  • Color and B&W photos
  • Film
  • History of Photography

I have also enjoyed working on some fine art as you can see in this image below. 

CrableD Taylor 3-539.jpg


As I continue to perfect my skills I know that I will look at works of art that have been done and take pieces from each of them to establish my own direction. I want my viewers to enjoy my art and immediately identify with my bodies of work. 

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