My recent photo shoot

Recently, I decided to do a fashion photo shoot with my wife's daughter. This was going to be a challenge for both of us. Sarah had no modeling experience at all and was very nervous about being put in front of a camera. Leading up to the shoot I coached her about different techniques in posing, feeling confident, and allowing the photographer to guide her through the shoot. 

We did a fitting so see what clothes she would be wearing and how the clothes looked on her and how she felt in the clothes. In just about all the more revealing outfits she felt very awkward and uncomfortable. As we progressed through the fitting session she seemed overwhelmed with everything and I thought for sure the shot was going to be called off. 

After a few talks with her mother and a really heartfelt discussion on the way to the studio she opened up to me about some of her feeling and concerns. By the time we got to the studio we were both laughing and were ready for the shoot. 

On a normal shoot day my day looks like this:

  • Load all equipment in the car
  • Transport to the studio
  • Unload equipment
  • Set-up modeling changing station (this is done first so the model can start getting prepared)
  •  Start with studio set-up 
  • Determine lighting patterns
  • Begin shoot
  • Tear down 
  • Load equipment 
  • Transport home

Below are two of the images from the shoot. You can see her personality came out during the session, which made for a wonderful and enjoyable shoot. Here are the examples:


I learned so much doing this shoot and I am thankful she worked through her issue and allowed me to photo graph her. Knowing how much difference dong a shoot with a model this is comfortable and relaxed is something I will always remember. These small things can me the difference between a good shoot and a great shoot.

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