New Adventure (Premium PIX Studios)

So, 2019 is going to be an exciting year for me and the photographers of Central Texas. I’m building multi-media studio for all photographers and videographers in the ares to use and call their home. The plan is to help all those who are currently shooting out of their home or garage to have a place that they can book sessions and use the facility as their business front.

Each photographer can book hourly session or rent on a monthly basis and will be able to schedule the studio and equipment for usage.

I’m excited that I will have a place that I will be able to continue my work but also provide opportunities to my fellow photographers for a minimal fee.

During the summer months we also plan on conducting seminars and teaching photography and videography techniques. I have coordinated with local photography instructors to create the modules and conduct the training.

Premium PIX Studios by DeWCrablePhoto will be a place artist can work, collaborate, and learn from each other.

With intent

How often do you find yourself creating art only to be critiqued in a manner when what they are telling you to fix you did with intent. This recently happened to me and although I was caught off guard by the comment.

Take a glance at this image and then we will continue.

by David Byun

by David Byun

The above image was shot by David Byun in an article published by Refinery 29. Obviously the photographer's intentions in this photograph is to make the image colorful with lights. Where he did this with gels or in post processing his intentions can be understood. 

Would you send a message to this person and tell him that his image it too orange? Well this actually happened to me. Yes, I posted the below image in a series of images that I published and was asked if I needed a filter to make the image not be the color that it is. 

Sabrina B. 

Sabrina B. 

So looking at this image you can tell I have no idea what I am doing taking pictures. I should have never picked up a camera and I should never push any part of fine art into fashion. It is amazing when untrained people criticize your work without a valid perspective. 

Now that I'm doing be sarcastic I just want people to understand that find out the artist intent before you make an unjustifiable correction. I love when people critique and criticize my work. I learn a lot from their opinions and points of view. I would suggest want to criticize please ask questions about the work to educate yourself on why the work may look the way it does or is being presented in that this way. 

I've learned myself that evaluate the work of art based upon the creators intent then make a sound and intellectual response to the work. Support you argument whether positive or negative and be prepared to debate your position. 

What makes you a Professional Photographer?

What makes you a professional photographer? I ask this question because there are many people out there that call themselves photographers and to be even clearer they call themselves professional photographers. 

Today anyone can purchase a high-end camera put it on automatic and run around as if there are professionals. They talk the talk to clients, they walk the walk around other professionals but the biggest and glaring difference between them and a real professional is what?

Some people say if you can shoot in manual and make adjustments in manual as you are shooting this might consider you a professional. Some say that photography is like any art form and formal training is not required to be a professional. 

There are successful amateurs photographers, but does the amount of money generated make you cross from amateur to professional. I looked the word professional up in google and found the definition. In this case, the word professional is an adjective describing a photographer. By definition, "engaged in a specified activity as one's main paid occupation rather than as a pastime" the word professional when describing photographer is someone who does this as a means of occupation and not as a hobby or pastime. 

Now let's look at the word photographer. Photographer by definition, "a person who takes photographs, especially as a job". The key part of in both of these definitions is you are doing this as a job and gets paid to do so. Now we are getting somewhere!

With most professions such as a lawyer, would you want the person who hasn't passed his bar exam but calls himself a professional lawyer representing you? Do you want you children going to school and learning math from someone who bought a really good math book from the store and calls himself/herself a professional teacher? I would think you would want a highly trained and skilled person doing both of those things for you. 

So though your friend, uncle, cousin, roommate have a camera you and they often take pictures they are not professional photographers. Please don't refer that person to the next person because you are only creating a situation that can come back to haunt everyone. 

Professional photographers can use expensive or cheap equipment since it isn't the equipment that makes them professionals. A professional photographer will have photographers insurance in case an accident, injury, or equipment failure. Wouldn't you want that reassurance knowing that your money will be protected in case something bad happens?

I have been in school and shooting photos for three years. I'm getting ready to graduate with a Bachelors in Fine Arts Photography and I still don't consider myself a professional yet. I know I have more to learn after school and although I am technically a professional by education standards I am far from being a professional in my eyes. 

If you made it this far through this Blog thank you for reading and when you are looking to hire a professional photographer make sure you ask them their qualifications, their publications, why they think they are a professional photographer? These things will protect your investment and give you the piece of mind to move forward. 

Here is a article I think you will find amazing as well:

What Makes You A Professional Photographer?

Attention to Details

As I continue to shoot fashion, fine art, models, and beauty shots I have learned the importance of taking your time in photo shop to achieve the outcome you are seeking. Not every aspect can be achieved at the point of capture. 

Colors can vary and lights might not be constant thus changing your creative thought you might originally start out with. But never get discouraged. I found that shooting as close to my vision and then completing the look in Lightroom or Photoshop can make all the difference in my imagery. 

In this image below I wanted to take a macro beauty shot. I worked with a make-up artist named Debra Jorden from Debra Jorden Beauty. She was able to take a few inspirational images that I sent her and combined them in to one singular representation. The model's mom was constantly combing the models hair to get it to lay flat. We sprayed hair spray and that did work either. I stopped and told everyone I will shoot the images I need. 

I was confident that I could get what I set out to achieve once I imported the Raw files off my computer and used the program to manipulate them to my liking. 

This was the original image taken. 

I focused much of my energy while in photoshop on the hair. Messy hair can just make the image look amateur and not taken with purpose. But the next image you will see all the changes and how the final product will give you the feeling that this image was taken with purpose.  

The is the final product. You can see the changes in skin, hair, eyes, and overall color. 

The is the final product. You can see the changes in skin, hair, eyes, and overall color. 

I will be the first to tell you I am no expert at photoshop, but making subtle changes can make you work stand out. Although, these are the same images, in the second image the few hairs purposely left out of place make the image look more realistic and not overworked. This is what I call happy mistakes. 

You can find many of the techniques that I used at: 




With anything in life, continue to improve your skills and techniques to make your images stand out. 



Recent Success

The past year has been great for me. I've been published a few times, I've met some of the lead fashion personnel in Austin, and I have continued to improve within my trade. I'm being asked to shoot compared to me asking people to shoot, which is a good feeling. I feel people are starting to notice all the work that I put into my photo sessions.

This was my image the was used for hip-hop Weekly.

Screenshot 2018-08-28 14.40.56.png

This type of opportunity is just one of many that keep coming my way. It all seems overwhelming but I know I have to except it and move forward. 

Thank you to all the models, make-up artist, designers, and instructors that have helped me reach this point. 

Before and After

When photographing sometimes you will be met with challenges. Some of these challenges can be corrected in photoshop while others can't. Here is is an example of a correction that was needed in order to capture this dancer jumping in the air in the studio. Due to limited space requirements you will see that in order to capture the performer I had to use a wide lens. But using this lens allows for items other than what you intended to appear when using a full frame camera. You can crop this image down but cropping can also take away from the intent of the image and the overall feeling of the image. 

In photoshop you will see that I used a tool called content aware fill to replace the sides of the image to match the rest of the background. In addition to a few other minor retouches to the performer. Making these subtle changes has the made the image more dramatic. There is no content lost and only information added. Learning these techniques can open the door to a lot of creative ideas when you fill you have limited space to shoot. 

Techniques like:

  • Retouching
  • Frequency separation
  • Smoothing (clarity)
  • Contouring
  • Adjusting colors 
  • Compositing
  • and many more

Many of these techniques are taught all over the web but I found that PHlearn on is an excellent place to start improving your photoshop skills.

Here are the two images I am referring to:

Before Photoshop Sabrina B. Feb 2018

Before Photoshop Sabrina B. Feb 2018

After Photoshop Sabrina B. Feb 2018

After Photoshop Sabrina B. Feb 2018

As I continue to perfect my skills I know that I will look at works of art that have been done and take pieces from each of them to establish my own direction. I want my viewers to enjoy my art and immediately identify with my bodies of work. 

My work can also be viewed on the following social media sites"

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People who Inspire me

This is one of the easier post for my to write. I have been inspired by many people but two specifically stand out. Meg Mulloy and Tim Bear ( Their creativity and inspiration helped make me the photographer I am. 

Meg has instructed my in many of my classes at school. Her honest opinion and corrective criticism have led ma along during my schooling. She has continued to teach and mentor me while being a positive influence in my professional development. 

Tim has inspired me with creating his own modeling agency and providing models of all ages opportunities they normally might not be provided. Interning for Tim has been an awesome experience. Having access to some his top models and being invited to some of the major events that he is holding has been such a eye opening venture. 

Many others along the way have influenced me like:

  • Petra Reeves
  • Julie Andrada
  • Katie Luck
  • David Weaver
  • Polly Chandler
  • Christina Burke
  • Jennifer Litterer-Trevino
  • Jessica Kendrick
  • Michael Crabtree
  • Max Wellman
  • Luanne Stovall

These instructors have allowed me to be creative and they haven't made me feel as I couldn't try something. I am so grateful for all those that have inspired me and wished there was a way I could just let them know how much I have appreciated them. Saying thank you to me does give them the recognition they deserve. I will always be blessed with their generosity.

Vergie W. March 2018

Vergie W. March 2018


As I continue to perfect my skills I know that I will look at works of art that have been done and take pieces from each of them to establish my own direction. I want my viewers to enjoy my art and immediately identify with my bodies of work. 

My work can also be viewed on the following social media sites"

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My recent photo shoot

Recently, I decided to do a fashion photo shoot with my wife's daughter. This was going to be a challenge for both of us. Sarah had no modeling experience at all and was very nervous about being put in front of a camera. Leading up to the shoot I coached her about different techniques in posing, feeling confident, and allowing the photographer to guide her through the shoot. 

We did a fitting so see what clothes she would be wearing and how the clothes looked on her and how she felt in the clothes. In just about all the more revealing outfits she felt very awkward and uncomfortable. As we progressed through the fitting session she seemed overwhelmed with everything and I thought for sure the shot was going to be called off. 

After a few talks with her mother and a really heartfelt discussion on the way to the studio she opened up to me about some of her feeling and concerns. By the time we got to the studio we were both laughing and were ready for the shoot. 

On a normal shoot day my day looks like this:

  • Load all equipment in the car
  • Transport to the studio
  • Unload equipment
  • Set-up modeling changing station (this is done first so the model can start getting prepared)
  •  Start with studio set-up 
  • Determine lighting patterns
  • Begin shoot
  • Tear down 
  • Load equipment 
  • Transport home

Below are two of the images from the shoot. You can see her personality came out during the session, which made for a wonderful and enjoyable shoot. Here are the examples:


I learned so much doing this shoot and I am thankful she worked through her issue and allowed me to photo graph her. Knowing how much difference dong a shoot with a model this is comfortable and relaxed is something I will always remember. These small things can me the difference between a good shoot and a great shoot.

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Why Dewayne created DeWCrablePhoto.

I have always enjoyed taking pictures and seeing what images I could create with a camera. When I was in high school I thought about attending the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, but life happened and things change and I joined the Army instead. Throughout my years of service I found myself always taking the pictures and never being in the photos. I love the composition of things and making intriguing images to ensure I captured the moment properly. My passion for photography has continued after my military service.

In 2015 I decided with encouragement from my psychologist to attend The Art Institute of Austin. This was like a dream come true. After 20 plus years of service I was finally going to be taught all the techniques to improve on my passion. I initially thought I would pursue another passion of mine, which were sports. I thought that I would incorporate the two and become a sports photographer. Somewhere after my first full years of school I started to notice that my passion for photography had shifted from sports to fashion, modeling, and portraits. Instead of fighting these changes I welcomed them and have continued to create works of art in this area of photography. 

Some of the topics that I have learned at school are:

  • Lighting
  • Aperture
  • Post Processing
  • Color and B&W photos
  • Film
  • History of Photography

I have also enjoyed working on some fine art as you can see in this image below. 

CrableD Taylor 3-539.jpg


As I continue to perfect my skills I know that I will look at works of art that have been done and take pieces from each of them to establish my own direction. I want my viewers to enjoy my art and immediately identify with my bodies of work. 

My work can also be viewed on the following social media sites"

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First Blog Post

This is my first post and I'm so excited about having a webpage that I can call my own. I know some of my work that I will be publishing might not be the best but I will continue to improve as I move forward.