Stanley DeWayne Crable Jr. (1973) was born in Charleroi, Pennsylvania. He currently resides in Killeen, Texas with his family. He decided to homestead in Texas after twenty-one years of service in the United States Army. Due to injuries suffered in combat he was medically retired. Part of his medical treatment it was recommended by his physician to pursue a Bachelors in Fine Arts with an emphasis in photography. His passion for photography goes back many years as he initially wanted to attend The Art Institute of Pittsburgh upon graduating from high school, but elected to join the service instead.

       He appreciates all variations of photography, but truly savors capturing the human body in motion. This leads to his fascination with sports, fashion, and environmental portraits. His journeys over the years with the military, have given him vast knowledge on all aspects of human interactions. He loves to use photography as a bridge to fracture the barriers of humanity. His ambition is to work on a few personal undertakings that will focus on societal topics, but without being politically involved in the significance of the work. His photography is not an occupation, it is not a pastime, it is an obsession that originates from within, as he wants to accentuate what is already extravagantly beautiful and make it even more alluring.

Now that he has his Associates in Arts from Central Texas College and a Bachelor’s in Fine Arts (Photography) from The Art Institue of Austin, Dewayne is opening up his on professional photography studio called Premium PIX Studios. This facility will be for other photographers and artist to use for personal or professional work. If you are interested in using the facility or being shot by him please go to the contact page and send him a message.

My Story

I will continue to improve on and push the boundaries of the perfect image. Who decides what the perfect image is? Who determines the guidelines of what a photographer should capture? Until these questions have a legitimate and substantial answer there will be no boundaries in my art.  

Awards / Publications

Asked to be Student Speaker at Dec 2019 AI Graduation

Published Photos for Modelemi (Modeling Agency)

Published Photos on My Mistress Band Page

Inked Magazine

Hip Hop Weekly

Audacious Fashion Magazine

5 Perspectives of Portraiture

2018 Ai Austin Photo Annual

Winner Ai Austin Film Festival Multi-Media Film by Pierre Lafaille (provided stills)

2017 Ai Austin Photo Annual